Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vicki and Greg ~ Omaha Engagement Photographer~

One of the things I like about my job the most is meeting good people, fun people... people like Greg and Vicki.

Vicki contacted me at the beginning of the month about photographing their wedding in September (I can't wait!). As part of their wedding package we got together for their engagement photo session last night on a hot and humid June evening.

Vicki and Greg are so perfect for each other. I love seeing the connection between couples and recognizing the yin and yang of how they work together. These two have been close to the same circle for many years but didn't get together until years later. I love those types of stories. It seems as though there is something meant to be when paths cross in the past and finally meet up in the future. It's perfect.

These are some amazing locations with great views, wildflowers galore and yes, mosquitoes and tics too. That is a small price for beautiful images. I hope my bug spray doused couple will agree.

Enjoy the sneak preview and contact me for your engagement session :).


  1. Gorgeous work Amy!!! What a beautiful couple.

  2. Thank you so much Amy!! The pictures look amazing :)

  3. 一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻了什麼,而不是他取得了什麼.................................................................


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