Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cheeeeese Picture! ~Omaha Family Photographer~

Most professional photographers know that having a child say, "cheese" is less than desirable. You usually end up with a bunch of "cheesy" pasted on smiles that don't speak to the real child underneath. The youngest had a spin on "cheese" and he excitedly shouted, "Cheeeeese Picture!" occasionally during our session. This was new take on things and usually ended up with a great smile, laughter and sometimes a hand hoisted up into the air :).

I had fun with these boys. Their session took place at a family members home in Crescent. It was lush, green and overflowing with flowers in every color. Their mom won my March Madness Bracket Challenge free session gift. It was great to meet them all!

Enjoy the preview.

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